Need A Pre-Purchase Inspection Specialist…

With 15 years experience identifying the ecology and behaviour of termites as well as treating them and other pests, we know the signs to look for.

Our inspection starts from the moment we pull up to your address. Just seeing the surrounds of the property will give a good indication of what we can expect to find and need to be on the look out for.

What’s In Your Pre-Purchase Inspection Report

Your pre-purchase inspection report will be delivered within 24hrs of completing the property inspection – with colour photos attached. The report is highly detailed and includes the following information.

  • Current Activity – We’ll report on any signs of current timber pest activity and/or damage caused by termites, borers or fungal decay is present.
  • Previous Activity – We’ll report on any direct or indirect signs of previous timber pest problems.
  • Property Conditions – We’ll report any specific conditions we find that make the property more susceptible to timber pests now and in the foreseeable future.
  • Restricted Areas – We’ll provide details of any areas we were not able to be inspect due to limited access. eg insulated roof spaces.
  • Consequences – We’ll provide detailed information of the consequences to you on the findings made during the course of our inspection.
  • Recommendations – Based on our findings, and if required, we’ll provide you with a list of recommendations for treating any conditions found during the property inspection.
  • Future Recommendations – We’ll provide recommendations for future inspections based on the likelihood the property will experience timber pest issues.
  • Further Inspections – Should we uncover any significant pest damage, we’ll provide recommendations to consult a building consultant or structural engineer. They’ll then be able to provide you with the effects of the damage and the extent of repairs needed.

So Why Choose iPest

iPest is a family business based in the shire. We’re passionate about providing our clients the best possible pest solutions and reports.

Fully Licensed And Insured – Our license number is 15-102119-01 and we’re members of AEMPA (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association).

On Time – We’ll be there when we say we will.

Latest Technology – We use the latest in non-invasive technology to detect motion, moisture and take thermal readings.

Meet Australian Standards – Our pre-purchase inspections are done in accordance with the Australian Standard – AS4349.3-2010

To book your pre-purchase inspection give us a call on (02) 8502 1485